2018 Pricing and offers(For 2019 prices, see below)

Week bookings

7th January10th February£306.00
11th February17th February£350.00
18th February31st March£306.00
1st April14th April£542.00
15th April5th May£452.00
6th May26th May£542.00
27th May2nd June£652.00
3rd June30th June£600.00
1st July14th July£692.00
15th July21st July£700.00
22nd July11th August£910.00
12th August25th August£920.00
26th August1st September£810.00
2nd September15th September£600.00
16th September29th September£500.00
30th September20th October£440.00
21st October27th October£520.00
28th October21st December£389.00
22nd December28th December£750.00
29th December31st December£750.00

Short breaks

  Number of Nights
Season 6/7 5 4 3 2
Jan 7th - Feb 11th 2018£306£291£245£199£153
Feb 11th - Feb 18th 2018£350£333£280£228£175
Feb 18th - Apr 1st 2018£306£291£245£199£153
Apr 1st - Apr 15th 2018£542£515£434£352£271
Apr 15th - May 6th 2018£452£429£362£294£226
May 6th - May 27th 2018£542£515£434£352£271
May 27th - June 3rd 2018£652£619£522£424£326
June 3rd - July 1st 2018£600£570£480£390£300
July 1st - July 15th 2018£692£657£554£450£346
July 15th - July 22nd 2018£700£665£560£455£350
July 22nd - Aug 12th 2018£910£865£728£592£455
Aug 12th - Aug 26th 2018£920£874£736£598£460
Aug 26th - Sept 2nd 2018£810£770£648£527£405
Sept 2nd - Sept 16th 2018£600£570£480£390£300
Sept 16th - Sept 30th 2018£500£475£400£325£250
Sept 30th - Oct 21st 2018£440£418£352£286£220
Oct 21st - Oct 28th 2018£520£494£416£338£260
Oct 28th - Dec 22nd 2018£389£369£311£252£194
Dec 22nd - Dec 29th 2018£750£713£600£488£375
Dec 29th 2018 - Jan 5th 2019£750£713£600£488£375

Boxes shaded in grey indicate that these short breaks are only available for last minute bookings.

Customer testimonials

‘If you could manage to bottle some ‘essence of Clanaborough’ and send it to London, I’m sure we’d all be a lot calmer and very much happier!’
Roger and family from London

‘We came for the walking and were not disappointed – the highlight being the walk from Bigbury-on-Sea to Beacons Point. Spectacular views’
Trish and Tim from Kent

Start point – 14 miles away

Start point – 14 miles away

Special Offers!

For any current special offers, please go to the Availability page and hover your mouse over a blue column with a yellow star.

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